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AUGUST 20 - 27, 2006


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This was a great event, lots of sun and fun for all. Itinerary took the group to Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and Mexico. With lots of sun and plenty of time at sea, there was always plenty to do. The day in Jamaica was a great tour and shopping experience. Bill picked up lots of dolphin souveniers including a hand carved wooden dolphin. We were advised not to go outside the fenced area ( safety reasons), but Bill took a few and ventured out anyway into the town and up to the "rose castle" for some sight-seeing. No trouble happened, the cabbie was great ( and cheap ), and the side trip was a great experience. The pirate ship excursion in Grand Cayman was a "blast" literally as the cannons "echoed" off other ships in the harbor as we departed. We had a spot of rain along the trip, watched the kids "swab and scrub the deck" and had more than enough "rum punch" to go around. A "swim stop" that allowed us to dive off the ship into the water - and then we were treated to the unexpected sting ray. We found it swimming close, along the bottom of the ocean, that was tame enough to allow us to get close enough underwater, to experience it up close. The day on the beach in Mexico saw lots of those clear jelly fish that kept us out of the water for a bit as they came so close to shore and there was also the fun little "egret" that kept us company along the shoreline. They also had hammocks in abundance for plenty of lounging and relaxing time. Make sure you plan to join in on the next Bill Blair Celebrity Event!

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